5 Ways to Save Money Even While Spoiling Your Dog

Estimated Monthly Savings: $60

It’s a fact: dog owners love to spoil their dogs. With their never-ending enthusiasm for all parts of life and their constant outpouring of affection, how can you resist wanting to give your dog the very best? Thankfully, there are many ways to cut costs and still treat your beloved furry friend like royalty.

Buy dog food online and set up a recurring autoship order

High quality dog food is expensive, but you can cut the cost by purchasing from online pet supply retailers. Many of these companies offer not only free shipping but also a significant discount when you sign up for autoship! What signing up for autoship means is that an order of a specific item—in this case, your favorite brand of dog food—will be automatically placed and shipped to your doorstep each month. Online retailers reward you with discounts for setting up autoship orders because they ensure you will remain a customer for time to come.

Craft toys from items you already have lying around

Let’s face it: cutesy looking dog toys are more of a lure for the owner than the dog. Dogs love to fetch, chew, and squeak on their toys, but usually don’t care much about what they look like. What dogs do appreciate are toys that offer a variety of sounds, textures, and shapes. Take advantage of this by making dog toys from things you have at home. An empty water bottle tied inside an old sock is fun to crinkle and fetch. A knot made from spare rope or old jeans is perfect for playing tug of war. Be creative!

Make your own dog treats

Giving your dog tasty, healthy snacks doesn’t have to be costly or complicated. One dirt cheap way to reward your pup is with sweet potato chews. All you need to do is slice thin strips of raw sweet potatoes, place them on a baking sheet, and bake at 250° F for 2-3 hours until chewy. They are a delight for a dog’s taste buds and for a dog owner’s wallet.

Switch to a cheaper flea preventative brand

Using flea and tick preventative is an essential part of keeping your dog healthy, but you can save money on that without compromising your dog’s health or the efficacy of the product. For example, name brand flea control products containing the active ingredient fipronil can cost nearly twice as much as lesser known brands with the same ingredient! Don’t be afraid to compare ingredient labels between two similar products: sometimes the only difference is the cost.

Bathe and do light grooming yourself

Expensive trips to a professional groomer can be stretched out or even eliminated with simple routine maintenance at home. Invest in a good dog shampoo, a pair of nail clippers, and a slicker brush, and these items will pay for themselves in no time. If you have a fluffy-coated dog that requires regular haircuts, you can even learn to do this at home, too! A wealth of dog grooming guides are available freely on the internet. Learn this valuable skill and you’ll save hundreds of dollars over time.

Your pooch needn’t be deprived when you’re on a budget. A little effort and a lot of love will keep your dog happy and spoiled without breaking the bank!