5 Ways to Save Big When Expecting a Baby


Estimated Monthly Savings: $110

You are staring blankly at those two pink lines. Another baby is on the way and you have two others running around the house. Who wants to take on the initial costs of a baby more than once? Instead, take advantage of the children you already have and follow these five tips to save over a thousand dollars when expecting another baby.

Reuse or Sell

If you have at least one child already, you certainly have baby items lying around. The obvious choice is to reuse these items such as swings, cribs, clothes, etc. However, sometimes the spacing between children is more than just a year or two and your baby items are outdated and you would like an upgrade. Luckily between the internet and second-hand stores, reselling your used baby items is a breeze.

Baby Shower and Gifts

Ok, so you already had a baby shower for your first. If you and your friends love to entertain, consider a unique “shower” party that benefits all of your parenting friends. Perhaps an item swap party or even a baby shower because you finally are getting that girl after three boys. Gifts are a great way to knock off items on your list and if you make it worth their time, usually people are happy to celebrate with you.

Bargain Shop

After your first child, you usually have an idea of what products you cannot live without and which are a luxury. Consider buying used “luxuries” and only splurge where it really counts. Monitors and baby wraps may save your sanity, whereas the top of the line baby swing will end up sitting in the basement after a few months anyways.

Cloth Diaper

Yes, I said it. Before you scroll on by, crunch the numbers and then blink a few times. Switching to cloth diaper will save you hundreds to thousands depending how many cloth diapers you buy and how long it takes for your little one to potty train. After your first child, you aren’t as phased at the thought of spraying off soiled diapers. If you are serious about saving cash, this is number one.

Make Your Own Baby Food

It is so easy to grab a jar of food already prepared and certified organic. However, each jar costs far more than what it would take for you to make at home. Simply buy the food fresh or frozen and prepare and store in advance. More work, but you will see at least $100 in savings or more depending how long your child eats packaged baby food.

Children are expensive, but they do not have to break the bank. Don’t let the numbers keep you from enjoying another addition to your family.