4 Unexpected Ways to Save Money With Toddlers

Estimated Monthly Savings: $100

Life with a toddler. Nothing could be more exciting, rewarding, or challenging. While parenting is such a wonderful adventure, there are inevitable expenses that sometimes seem to grow without an end in sight. Of course, the joys outweigh the stresses of parenthood, but why not read through the following article and check out 4 simple ways to take back your budget and save money while raising a toddler.

1. Say Goodbye to Store-Bought Wipes

Homemade wipes may just become your new favorite DIY. The average cost for baby wipes is $7.00 for a pack of 200 count wipes. The cost to make homemade baby wipes settles at right around $2.00 for two containers totaling 320 wipes. Here’s all you need: two plastic containers with lids and a roll of paper towels cut in half. Remember to remove the cardboard insert before placing in the container. Pull a paper towel from the center of the roll for easy grabbing. Next, just add a tablespoon of liquid coconut oil and a tablespoon of baby-friendly soap to one cup of water. Pour the mixture over the paper towels in one container and repeat the process for the second. Put a lid on both when you’re done and you will have made a month’s supply of baby wipes in a matter of minutes.

2. Consider a Capsule Closet

Capsule wardrobes are a popular concept among young adults, but why not try the idea with your toddler in mind? A capsule wardrobe places emphasize on quality and complementary clothing, over quantity.  Those who use capsule wardrobes spend time and energy, rather than money, developing a unified wardrobe with a smaller amount of clothing than typical. Every piece of clothing is complimentary so that if a person only owns 20 articles of clothing, the combinations are nearly limitless. The same idea could be applied to an ever-growing toddler. Here’s how: Find clothing items and are timeless or to some degree neutral. The idea is not to avoid color or cute clothing options altogether, but rather focus on purchasing neutral staple items that are high quality and could be worn again and again. Then comes the fun! Once you find the right staple items, the next step is to find a few extra pieces that are unique to your child. These special pieces will spice up their wardrobe without breaking the bank and you will never have to worry about matching outfits, until they outgrow their clothes, of course!

3. Choose Snacks Carefully

Snacks are one of those hidden expenses that can easily start creeping into your carefully planned budget if ignored. There are several ways to save on snacks for toddlers. The first is to buy in bulk. If your toddler has an all-time favorite snack, it is a wise idea to buy it in bulk whenever possible. Bulk purchases are more cost-effective, and guarantee that you will always have your little one’s favorite snack on hand. Second, whenever possible try to make sure that the snack has some nutritional value or is filling. Everyone knows that toddlers are picky, and sugar-free candy with no calories is a nice treat, but a good snack will keep your child feeling full, which will ultimately save you money. Third, try to keep snacks simple to cut expenses. For example, if your child will eat bananas, it is a great portable snack that costs less than a candy bar or fruit drink.

4. Start the Potty-Training Process

Now, potty-training is no easy task, but there is no doubt that this is the biggest cost-cutting measure that any parent can take. Eliminating the need for disposable diapers will save your household at least $50.00 per month. If you use cloth diapers, imagine the cost savings related to washing and drying cloth diapers each month. While the process is not short or simple, the payout will certainly be well worth it. To make potty training less of a hassle, take time to research the right method for your family and make sure that your little one is ready and able to understand the process.

It is easy to let the stresses and expenses related to raising children cut into the joy of parenting, so try these cost-cutting measures today and see how simple it is to save money and raise those toddlers at the same time.