3 Ways Public Transportation Can Save You Money

Estimated Monthly Savings: $1,000

As time ticks on, the importance to reduce our footprint on the environment increases every day. Many people across the world are becoming aware that reducing pollution is essential for everyone’s future on the planet. Many are doing their part in reducing pollution by choosing public transportation instead of owning and driving a car every day. Set aside from helping reduce the carbon footprint put on earth by humans, making the switch to public transportation can save you a significant amount of money in different ways.

1. No More Expensive Trips To The Gas Station

When you drive to and from work everyday gas costs can get very expensive. According to multiple experts, the average person will spend around $150 a month on gas in 2017.

2. Eliminate The High Costs Of Owning And Operating A Car

When you really think about it, there is a lot of costs associated with buying a car and maintaining it. All cars need more than just gas to keep operating. By switching to public transportation you will save on all maintenance costs on the car including oil changes, tune-ups, repairs, etc.

3. Avoid Paying For Insurance And Registration

All states now require that all vehicles on the road be registered with current license plates and for the driver to have at least liability insurance. The costs of car insurance and registration go up every year. And if you make a mistake and don’t abide by one of the laws while on the road, speeding tickets and other moving violations can get pricey.

Choosing public transportation over driving not only helps save the environment but is much easier on the wallet as well. Most public transportation services offer monthly packages for a few hundred dollars or less. According to studies done by AAA and other auto industry experts, the average person spends around $1,000 per month to own and operate an ordinary car.