3 Reasons to Consider Replacing Paid TV with Youtube TV

Estimated Monthly Savings: $50

Cable TV is a luxury that more and more Americans are taking a second look at. The bill runs anywhere between $60 and $100 per month for hundreds of channels, most of which they never watch. People are wondering why they are spending so much on a service that they cannot possibly take complete advantage of. Rather than spending close to a $1,000 a year on TV, people are recognizing that there are much cheaper options that basically deliver the same thing. People can be just as happy with a lot more money in their pocket.

Internet streaming is the most obvious replacement that can save money. There are now a number of different services that provide valuable, high-quality content. HBO and ESPN each have their own app to distribute content. Hulu is another provider that offers TV, Movies and other videos. Netflix might be the king of movies, with tens of millions of subscribers getting access to their video content.

However, YouTube has now entered the market with a live TV product for only $35. YouTube is backed by internet giant Google and can provide quality service, fast streaming, great content and good service for an affordable price.

Best of all, people can get their favorite channels including Fox, NBC, ABC, ESPN, Telemundo, E!, Sprout, Disney Channel and about 40 other channels for one low price. You can get the streaming videos on your phone, direct to your computer or a smart TV. Of course, YouTube offers DVR and video storage as well.

Together, this offer is too compelling to turn down for anyone that wants to keep TV, their favorite shows yet does not want to pay the huge cable TV bill. That is why more and more people are saving money by switching to this service.