3 Money-Saving Resolutions to Help You Travel More in 2018

Estimated Monthly Savings: $300

Traveling is a great way to experience different cultures and learn about other places. But many people think that they simply can’t afford to travel. The truth is, with some planning, budgeting, and smart decisions, you can afford it. If traveling more has always been a resolution that you just haven’t been able to keep, we’ve got some money-saving tips to help you out.

1.      Be Flexible with Your Dates

Whether you are traveling by air or by car, flexibility in your travel dates will help you save a substantial amount of money. Tuesday and Wednesday have consistently proven to be the cheapest days to fly. As for hotel rooms, you will find the best rates on Sunday nights. Try to avoid scheduling vacations during the holidays. Prices during these times are often three to four times higher than average.

2.      Ask the Locals

Residents of the community that you are visiting will have great tips on all the best places to visit, stay, and eat. They can help you avoid the touristy spots which will save you from paying inflated prices in the popular locations. Ask them about the local events and they will probably be able to give you information about discount days and other ways to save money.

3.      Avoid Eating Out at Every Meal

One of the best ways to experience a new location is by sampling their street food. Food trucks are becoming more and more popular, with many towns having streets or parking lots full of them. The choices of food are often eclectic and representative of the flavors of the city. If food trucks aren’t your thing, make a picnic and explore one of the town’s parks or beaches.

This year, make the resolution to travel more. With these tips, you’ll find it’s more affordable than you think.