Saving Money on the Movies

Estimated Monthly Savings: $175

We all love going to the movies. Whether it’s with friends, family, or significant others, the magic of films has captivated viewers both in and out of the movie theater. However, your watching habits may be putting unnecessary strain on your budget. Here are our tips to allow you to see the movies you love while keeping your budget in line. If you are a regular moviegoer, we estimate that you will save anywhere $150 to $200 dollars a month (per person) using these tips.

1.  Cut the Fat

No, really…

A large popcorn at a leading theater chain was reported by to be 1,030 calories even without the butter! But theater popcorn is also dangerous for the wallet.  Even a “small” popcorn can cost anywhere from $6 to $7 based on a menu list of another chain on the data site. This means that many combinations of just a small snack and drink can cost more or even double the price of your movie ticket. We recommend that you eat before going to your showing. Coming to the theater full will save both your stomach and your budget.

2. Watch at Home

With the ever-growing popularity of streaming services, you can watch a near infinite amount of movies and documentaries without even leaving the home. While many of the most current offerings are only found in the cinema, they always come to the small screen eventually. In fact, many films can be “rented” at the same time that they premiere in theaters. This allows you to cook your own snacks at home and watch the recent film for a fraction of the cost of a ticket.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Let Go.

Before the advent of net-based viewing on our televisions, there was another way to watch your favorite films…DVDs. If you are a movie lover you likely have a couple lying around your home. Ask yourself, have you watched that asteroid movie in the past year? Do you plan to watch anytime soon?   It is very easy to go to your local pawn shop or to sell your disk online.   Some “rare” films will even sell for as much as you bought the film new, allowing you to use the money to purchase the latest movie fad.  Even old VHS tapes are wanted by collectors!

Keeping your spending down doesn’t mean that you have to stop watching what you love. Applying these tips can make your movie-going affordable and allow you to share those movie moments with those you love.