How to Save Money Just By Paying the Bills With These 3 New Year’s Resolutions

Estimated Monthly Savings: $10

Making New Year’s Resolutions means changing old habits. For many of us, how we pay our bills may not only be out of date but actually costing us money. Here are ways that you can save money just doing what you do every day, paying the bills.

Go Paperless

Are you still writing checks and sending them in the mail? Each of those checks is costing you money! By setting up payments from your online checking account or paying online using a credit card, you can save .49 on each bill you mail.

Set Up Automatic Payments

Many smaller companies now offer discounts to customers who pay their bills online. This is understandable since automatic payments mean less work on their end opening mail and depositing checks. The companies are also able to receive deposits immediately unlike checks that need time to clear before funds can be withdrawn.

Less Checks to Buy

Paying bills online means no checks needed and those checks cost money. If you are like most people, buying checks is not one of the things you look forward to spending your money on. Switching to online payments where you can means less check writing, less check buying and an easy way to save money.

Just a few clicks of the computer can help save money every month. These are great tips for anyone but especially elderly friends and family who may not be as technology savvy as you are. Share these ideas with them, help them set up their monthly bills online and give the gift of saving money.