How to Save Money While Shopping Online

Estimated Monthly Savings: $125

Each year, many of us find that we do more and more of our shopping online. It’s no mystery that online shopping saves time, saves driving stress and gas costs, and is incredibly easy…maybe too easy! Though online shopping lets you avoid the crowds, it can be easy to spend more than you expected after just a few clicks.

Luckily, a little bit of planning ahead can help you save hundreds of dollars each year on your online shopping.

  1. Use your shopping cart…and then wait.

We’ve all done it: you fill your online shopping cart with a few items, and then see a few other things that you didn’t intend to purchase, but that look amazing. You can use the shopping cart feature to your advantage: fill it with the items you intend to purchase, and then wait until the next day to see if your cat really needs all five of those new toys.

  1. Save on shipping.

Some online stores offer special deals on shipping. For instance, you may receive free shipping if your purchase totals more than a certain amount. Taking advantage of these deals can prevent you from the worst case scenario: when the shipping costs more than the item itself.

  1. Stop shopping late at night.

Late at night, you have a lower level of inhibition due to fatigue. This is just about the worst time to spend money online. Make sure that you shop online only when you’re feeling clear-headed and fresh, not when you are too tired to consider whether the cost of an item is worth it.

  1. Join email lists.

Are there vendors you find yourself using repeatedly? Many online stores have customer loyalty programs and offer special sales throughout the year. If you join the email lists of companies you love, you’ll find tons of savings coming straight to your inbox.

  1. If you don’t need an item, return it.

Taking advantage of the return policies of many online stores can save you lots of money. If you find that you’ve bought an item on impulse, don’t hesitate to use the return policy and get your money back.