Check out this App! 2 things to know about saving with Qapital


Estimated Monthly Savings: $70

Wouldn’t it be nice to save money without having to think about it? Qapital is a mobile app available on iOS or Android that helps boost your finances through everyday activities. This free app makes it easy to turn your pocket change into savings without lifting a finger.

Getting Started

After downloading Qapital to your phone or tablet, begin by creating a profile and choosing one or more savings goals. The app will prompt you to connect your checking account, and will transfer any money you save from that funding account into an FDIC-insured Qapital account. You can access your funds at any time through the app, and withdraw money back into your funding account free of charge.

Set Up Rules to Save Money

To start saving money, you set up rules that trigger automatic transfers into your Qapital account. The app offers several customizable rules for you to choose from, and you can take advantage of as many as you’d like.

For example, Qapital’s most popular rule, The Roundup, rounds up the change from every purchase. The Set & Forget rule lets you create a transfer schedule of a fixed dollar amount. The Spend Less rule saves the difference if you come in under budget for an expense, while the Guilty Pleasure rule saves a set amount of money when you give in to an indulgence.

When linked to the IFTTT app, Qapital can make almost anything a savings opportunity. Watch your account grow whenever you post to Instagram, meet a fitness goal, or nearly any other activity you can think of.

The app monitors what you’ve saved from using your rules and transfers money four times a week, so your Qapital account and goals update quickly.

Getting in the habit of saving money isn’t always easy, but this app makes it as painless as possible. Have fun while you let Qapital do the work for you.