Bucking Work Lunch: Bag It and Save It

Estimated Monthly Savings: $85

We’ve covered the benefits of reheating leftovers before but today we are going to look at a meal that is a fixture of office buildings everywhere, the desk lunch. You’ve probably thought about it before, how much money you’re spending when you take your lunch break and walk down to the nearest pizzeria or taco stand. And don’t get us wrong, having an occasional lunch out with coworkers is a great bonding experience. But here are the facts, buying your lunch out daily is extremely costly over time.

This phenomenon has been written about before, how insidiously lunch prices add up. We’re going to pick apart an example for you so you can calculate just how much you’ll save by brown bagging your lunch going forward. Imagine that every day at lunchtime you walk down the street to your local deli and buy a wrap. It’s decent, nothing special, it’s a wrap. Let’s say that wrap costs you $8, though many lunches out will run you more.

Over the course of a year, excluding weekends, you’re going to be paying just north of $2000. Now, let’s consider an alternative. You decide going forward you’ll wake up twenty minutes early and pack yourself a lunch. Anecdotal research suggests this will cost you $20/week at the grocery store. Using the same mathematical logic as before, you’ll spend just over $1000/year on lunch meat and the like.

We think the math shows its self quickly, by implementing this new lunchtime ritual you’ll save over a grand each year. That’s one pretty penny!