5 Ways to Save Money Switching to Frozen Produce

Estimated Monthly Savings: $30

Feeding a family at the grocery store is difficult to do on a budget. One great money-saving tip for the grocery store is frozen produce. Here are 5 reasons why buying frozen produce helps save you money.

1. Reduces Waste. When we shop for produce, we tend to overbuy. Sometimes our plans change and we end up not making the dinner we had planned or maybe we make all of what we bought even though half of the people are at the dinner table. Buying frozen allows you to cook just as much as you need for that meal and use the rest later without fear of spoilage.

2. Allows You Time to Use. When you buy frozen produce, you don’t have to use the items the week you bring them home. The items can sit in your freezer until you are ready to use them. This is great for things like frozen fruit. For example, if you do your regular shopping on Sundays but know you want to make a blueberry pie for an event the following Saturday, buying frozen blueberries allows you to buy what you need at your regular shopping but not use it until needed.

3. Buy On Sale. Buying frozen produce makes it easy to buy produce on sale. You can wait for the items you need then stock up for a later date.

4. Buy in Bulk. When you buy in bulk, you pay less per unit. For example, a one-pound bag of frozen carrots may cost $1.50 but a two-pound bag costs $2.50. More food, for less. This technique allows manufacturers to spend less on the packaging so they pass it along to you.

5. Less Expensive than Fresh. If you buying a variety of fruit or vegetable that is out of season, chances are that if you purchase them frozen, that they are less expensive. Think about items like raspberries, guava, and mango.

Buying frozen produce does not mean sacrificing quality. It gives you the flexibility to use only what you need, when you need it and saving you money in the long run.