5 Money Saving Tips for Buying Halloween Candy

Estimated Monthly Savings: $30

Handing out candy is the quintessential Halloween activity and you’ll enjoy it even more if you haven’t invested a fortune in those sweet treats that you’re giving away. Save money on Halloween candy and special treats by starting early and using your resources wisely.

Coupons and sales. By the end of September, candy companies will begin distributing coupons in newspapers and magazines. Clip and collect them and wait until the brands go on sale to maximize your savings. Coupons in waiting room magazines and leftover coffee house newspapers are also fair game, so keep your scissors handy!

Club stores. Stores like Sam’s Club and Costco often have good deals on large packages of candy. And you don’t have to be a member to take advantage of these deals. Ask to go with a friend or sign up for a trial membership to shop during this season.

Size matters. Pay attention to size when shopping. Small and inexpensive candies might cost you more in the long run as you tend to give three or four pieces to each child. More substantial treats like ring pops, lollipops, or candy bars can be passed out individually and are usually prized over a handful of smaller candies.

Get creative. For those special trick-or-treaters that you know well and want to spoil, consider making a separate, special effort. Homemade cookies or treats are suitable if you know the family. Everyone appreciates a personal touch and it costs much less to bake than to buy a load of bigger candy. Bundle special treats in creative packaging and label them appropriately so that parents know who it is from when they are checking their children’s candy.

Halloween is about the experience, not the investment. So spend a little more time and a little less money and you will have a rewarding evening.